Justice Is Mind

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Justice Is Mind

In a future where MRI technology can read your mind, the trial of the century soon begins when a defendant faces his own memory for a double murder he doesn't remember committing.

"The characters...are strong and believable"

Frisco Kid at the Movies

"So much intelligence in the dialogue"

Unsung Films

"A psychological thriller, which develops slowly and then grips you with its logical twists and mysteries, haunting you afterward"

Barnstable Patriot

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    JUSTICE IS MIND - Deluxe Package!

    Since its world premiere in August 2013 at the Capital District Film Festival in Albany, New York, Justice Is Mind has been screening to enthusiastic audiences at select theatres, universities and science fiction conventions. Finishing 2013 as the 8th Highest Rated Independent Film Released on IMDB, the Deluxe Package includes the feature film, a clip of the arrest scene, the original short film version and a VHX exclusive extras video that features remarks from writer/director Mark Lund, legal and scientific experts at post screening panels, testimonials, television interviews and a compilation of the stars from various screenings around the United States.

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    JUSTICE IS MIND - Feature Film

    Imagine a not too distant future in which MRI technology can read your long term memory. Imagine having one of these procedures and it allegedly reveals that you have shot and killed two people but don't remember doing it. Imagine having to face the state's primary evidence against you at trial - your own memory. This package includes the feature film.